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03 Apr

Themed PlayBook Wallpapers


Hello, BlackBerry PlayBook users!


Recently, I've tried making a PlayBook wallpaper to promo our latest Quattro theme's update to v3.0.

Apparently, I got a bit carried away during the process, as for a few hours I'd found myself constantly testing for proper graphic element alignments and pixel-sized details.. on a plain wallpaper.

Yes, you've guessed it. I had actually managed to trick myself into believeing that I was building a 'theme' for my PlayBook :). I soon wanted to 'theme' that home screen some more, so I started making a few more wallpapers for the websites I love!


These are the demo screenshots. Scroll down to download the actual wallpapers!


NOTE: One minor(for some) issue with this sort of wallpaper, in the current state at least: it will only work in landscape mode. Changing your PlayBook's screen orientation to portrait mode will not scale the wallpaper properly. If I'll get more requests, I will make Portrait versions of these as well.


To download a wallpaper, simply save the image onto your device.

EDIT: Please download the wallpaper onto your PC first, then transfer it to your PlayBook. Downloading the wallpaper directly on the PlayBook may not allow gradients to display properly. Themed Wallpaper: themed Wallpaper



Quattro theme Promo Wallpaper themed Wallpaper themed Wallpaper


Sharp!Pink theme Promo Wallpaper


Sharp!Ice theme Promo Wallpaper




This download method will have to do for now, hope you enjoy using these wallpapers :).
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PS: A 'PlayBook wallpapers' section will be added to our website soon!